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125th Anniversary Plate



The inscription on the back of the plate reads:


During the Civil War two circuit riders visited the village of California -- now Califon. Some interested villagers of Califon bought the Oldwick chapel in 1866 and moved it to Califon. They were able to dedicate the rebuilt chapel in 1867. A sixteen foot addition and bell tower were added eleven years later. After a church revival, the present sanctuary was added in 1892. The old building was turned and moved back to be joined to the side of the new structure. In 1927 a church kitchen was added to the chapel. A Mudler Pipe Organ was installed in 1930. Memorial windows were dedicated in 1962. Adjoining lots and barn were purchased in 1963. The barn is now the Top O' Th' Barn thrift shop. The santuary [sic] was completely restored in 1990.

Shawnee 1992


Caveats, definitions, and explanations

Circuit Rider

  • (excerpt) These frontier clergy were never officially called "circuit riders," but the name was appropriate and it "stuck." Officially they were called "traveling" clergy (a term that is still used in Methodist denominations). They traveled with few possessions, carrying only what could fit in their saddlebags. They traveled through wilderness and villages, they preached every day at any place available (peoples' cabins, courthouses, fields, meeting houses, later even basements and street corners).
Pipe Organ
  • Mudler-Hunter Co Inc., Philadelphia, PA (no website)
  • Our Timeline has the date of 1928 (needs verification)