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A timeline of significant events in the history of Califon UMC.

Pastors and significant events

In its 152 years (as of 2015), this congregation has been served by 47 pastors. That averages to 3.2 years per pastor. The longest a pastor served was six years. This practice of "revolving" pastors is called itineracy, and is unique to the Methodist church. 

Two pastors served prior to its incorporation; two pastors were interim pastors; one pastor died while serving.

Pastor............................... Served............. Date Event
R. Vanhorne and
Geo. Banghart
18??-1876 1863 Purchased New Germantown (Oldwick) church building.
  1864 Purchased a lot on the River, moved the church by wagons in winter on sleds.
    Part of Cokesbury, Fairmount and Califon Circuit.
  1867 September is the official founding of the congregation
A.M. Marris 1876-1878  1877 Incorporated.
S.K. Doolittle 1878-1882    
T.S Haggerty 1882-1884    
C.R.Snyder 1884-1887    
D. Walters 1887-1890    
Henry Bice 1890-1891    
James C. Howard



Purchased a parsonage on Bank Street
Changed to Califon Fairmount Circuit.
Pastor now resides in Califon.
Quickly purchased a larger parsonage on Main Street.
Steven H. Jones 1892-1895    
C. E. Walton 1895-1897    
Martin Luther Rhodes



Started a campaign to build a new church.
Moved existing church back and turned it sideways and began to build new church.
New church was dedicated.
 W.S. Newsome 1903-1907     
 E.A. Quimby 1907-1909     
 Chas. Powers 1909-1911     
 H.P. King 1911-1925     
 A.S. Denzendorf 1925-1928  1928 Died while serving the charge.
 A.L. Peterson 1928-1932  1928 New Mudler-Hunter pipe organ purchased to replace the old bellows organ.
 Geo. Okeson 1932-1936     
 A.B. Fitzgerald Jr.  1936-1938   Church began to sponsor a very fine Boy Scout Troop.
 R.G. Saxe  1938-1941   Junior Choir was organized.
 C.S. Gillespie 1941-1946     
 Bruce Hall 1946-1947     
 Robert Rutan 1947-1949     
 James Cooper 1949-1952     
 Raymond Harrison Jr  1952-1957    
 Lee Halloway 1957-1958     
 R.L. Creitz 1958-1960     
 Robert Grant 1960-1962     
 Earl C. Hauck 1962-1968    New Parsonage on Center Street.
 William P.H. Stevens Jr 1968-1970     
 Thomas B. Halliwell 1970-1971     
 W. Scott Lawrence 1971-1973     
 Michael Crigger 1973-1974     
 John P. Casciano 1974-1976     
 Barbara E. Rich 1976-1981  1979 Establishment of Top o' the Barn Thrift Shop.
 Roy P. Kramer 1981-1984     
 William L. Oliver Jr 1984-1988     
 Paul Sandin 1988-1989    Interim Pastor.
 Richard Johnson 1989-1991     
 Jacqueline Cobb 1991-1993     
 Richard C. Gilbert 1993-1999     
 Dorothy R. Dann 1999-2002     
 Joseph P. Monahan 2002-2005     
 Barbara Hoffman 2005-2006  2006 Mary A. Harper Endowment Fund established
 John C. Wheatley 2006-2010  2008 Eagle Scout gazebo project of Jeff Vaccarella.
Parking lot paved. 
    2010 Called for Military Service.
 Hazel Shue 2010-2011   Interim Pastor.
 James Elliott 2011-2015  2013 Eagle Scout storage shed project of Evan Vaccarella.
    2014 Facebook pages for Califon UMC and Top o' the Barn
    2015 Full-featured Website.
 Kyle Cuperwich 2015-2017 2016 CAMPA Farmer's Market
David Edwards 2017-Present