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Staff Pastor/Parish Relations Committee


The Staff Pastor/Parish Relations Committee is responsible for maintaining effective employee relations among the pastor, the paid staff, officers, committee members and the general congregation.


  • 5-9 members, as diverse as possible to be representative of the congregation.
  • Califon UMC SPRC meets monthly, on the first Tuesday of the month in the sanctuary.
  • Meetings are closed -- only members of the committee can be present.
  • Minutes are not taken to ensure to confidentiality
  • Meetings are face-to-face.

Responsibilities in Brief

  • Prepare a budget for the year
  • Job Descriptions
  • Employee evaluations
  • Procedures on hiring and dismissal
  • Salary determination
  • Employee training

Responsibilities of the Committee (from GBOD.org)

  • The committee leads the congregation to encourage, strengthen, nurture, support, and respect the pastor(s) and staff and their families. It helps the staff set priorities that strengthen the congregation's total ministry.
  • The committee consults with the lead pastor to recommend staff positions to support the strategy of the church leadership team (church council).
  • The committee recommends staff compensation, travel, housing, and other financial matters to the church council through consultation with the finance committee. The finance committee includes the salary total in the budget, and the PPRC works with staff on allocation.
  • The committee provides for annual evaluation of the pastor(s) and other staff for ongoing effective ministry.
  • The committee creates and updates written policy for hiring, evaluating, promoting, retiring, and dismissing staff members who are not subject to episcopal appointment. (Procedures must comply with local and state laws). This is recommended to the church council for adoption.
  • The committee conducts proper screening (including background checks) for lay employees and volunteer staff.
  • The chairperson is the congregation’s primary connection with the district superintendent and bishop related to appointed leadership of the congregation.
  • The committee meets with the district superintendent and/or the bishop in an advisory capacity related to clergy leadership. Considerations include the age and stage of the congregation, an understanding of feelings and desires within the congregation about the pastor's leadership and appointment, and the culture and needs of the community around the church.
  • The committee enlists, evaluates, and annually recommends to the charge conference candidates for professional ministry.